Preserving photographs for future generations

Over recent months I have acquire many thousands, if not tens of thousands of slides and negatives of various sizes from 35mm to massive medium format.

At current the photographs are vulnerable to natural disaster and should the originals be damaged, the images will be lost forever.

Digitising the images in high resolution will allow me to store and backup them to multiple locations ensuring they are preserved for future generations.

At the moment I am using an Opticfilm 7200 which I acquired second hand, though great it has its limitations, most notably being restricted to 35mm slides only and requiring a dedicated computer to run due to incompatabilites with Windows 10.

Below you can see one of the many many boxes of slides I have acquired.

Box of 35mm slides

In order to digitise all the photographs I have started a crowdfunder to allow me to purchase an Epson V550 scanner and preserve the photos for future generations.
You can find the crowdfunder here.

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